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Chancellor High School Returning Athletes


Complete the following tasks. 

  1. Concussion Education


  1. Baseline Testing


Concussion Education and Baseline Concussion Testing are 2 different things.


 Please refer to the following pages for help.



Concussion Education

  1. Go the following website:


  1. Scroll down until you see the Chancellor High School link and click the link to fill out that information. 

*NEW this year you will not have to print off any pages. The athletic trainer gets an electronic copy.


Baseline Concussion Testing Instructions for Returning Athletes

It must be taken on a computer and you will need 45-50 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Follow the instructions on this page. Please read the TIP section before starting the test.

  1. Go to


  1. Look in the Upper right and corner click SIGN IN
  2. For your USERNAME it will be your Spotsylvania email address.
    1. Password will be:  SCPS and your 5-digit pin (lunch number)


  1. On the Home screen above organization find the button that says ENTER PASSCODE. 
    1. Passcode is CHHS SPORTS in all capital letters.


  1. Click purple button to join Chancellor High
  2. Click purple button to join as ATHLETE


    1. Watch the video
    2. Take the 5-question quiz


    1. Check the box
    2. Click accept terms


    1. Click all the teams you will be participating in
    2. Submit that page


    1. Watch the video 5 minutes in length.
    2. Click the purple button to start the test
    3. You will have to sign in again using:
      1. Username: Spotsylvania email account
      2. Password: SCPS 5-digit pin


  1. Send an EMAIL from your Spotsylvania school account to to let me know it was completed so I can check the status of the test in case of retakes or revisions.





TIPS for EACH Section of the Test

You may refer to this during each of the sections directions if you don’t understand what the instructions are asking. DO NOT start the section and trying to reference this it will cause you to fail that section.


Symptoms Checklist section

 Use the pointer to drag the icons over to where you have had any symptoms in the last 30 days.

Word Test Sections

Memorize the 15 flashing words. Then 2 words will be presented at a time, One of those 2 words is one off that flashing list. You will use the LEFT or RIGHT ARROWS to choose that word off the flashing list.

Emotion Identification Sections

You will use the space bar and click every picture except for the one that they asked for.  The emotions they are looking for change every section.

Tapping Section

You will be hit the space bar with ONE hand using your DOMINANT hand as many times as you can for as long as the prompt wants.

Time estimation Sections

Space bar to start count in your head to either 10 seconds or 30 seconds. It will tell you which one. The most accurate way is (1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, 3 one thousand, etc….) Hit the space bar to stop the counter.

Stop or Go Sections

It will prompt you to hit the space bar on either a color or word read the instructions carefully.

One Back Section

You will hit the space bar on every picture unless it shows you the same picture back to back. You will hit it on the first one but not the second one.   They may show the same picture 4 times throughout the test but if they are not back to back hit the spacebar.

Sentence section

They will flash 5 words at you.  If it makes sense as a sentence, click the RIGHT arrow on the last word in that sentence.  If it does NOT make sense as a sentence, click the LEFT arrow on the last word of those 5 words.

Facial Recognition section

They will show you 2 faces at a time that were presented earlier in the test.  You will have to choose which one you recognize from earlier in the test using the RIGHT or LEFT arrows.  If you do not know guess, it is a 50/50 chance.

Final Word section

They will show you 2 words at a time that were presented earlier in the test.  You will have to choose 1 using the RIGHT or LEFT arrows.  If you do not know guess, it is a 50/50 chance.


Contact: Lane Catlett
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