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Ticket Spicket
Buy your tickets or season passes online- buy your tickets online or use the phone app.....No more waiting in line

Ticket Spicket- buy your tickets online or use the phone app
..........No more waiting in line or having to go to the ATM prior to the game

Go to or download the ticket spicket app

Here is a direct link to our page

Once at their website or on their app.....Search for Chancellor High School and select the game or pass you want to purchase.
After the purchase- on the day of the game you simply show the ticket on your phone to the pass gate worker.  They will simply click on the ticket and our system will then accept the ticket and you are all set.
......No more waiting in lines or having to go to the ATM prior to arriving.

You can also buy SEASON TICKETS online or thru the app.
$75 for ADULT all-year individual season pass.....$35 for a STUDENT all-year season pass
or $40 for an individual for a particular season (pick Fall, Winter or Spring)
*Once you have a season pass- you simply click on the game ticket you want and it will be accessible on your will get free access to all games during that season.

See the link below to watch a demostration of how the system works.

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